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Welcome to the online Art Gallery of Dutch visual artist Kees van de Wetering

Online exhibition / It's Flamingo Time / 2021

For decades, a group of Flamingos have been hibernating in the waters of Zeeland in the Netherlands.
This colony breeds just across the border in Germany, near Groenlo in the Zwillbrocker Venn.
After the breeding season, between October and April, the Flamingos can be found in the Netherlands.
In the Lauwersmeer, the IJsselmeer, but also in the province Zeeland.

A source of inspiration to make a series of paintings, with Flamingos.
It's Flamingo Time!
2000_Its Flamingo Time_Olieverf_50x60_WI

50 x 60 cm

Oil on canvas

Private collection

It's Flamingo Time

From the year 2000, Kees van de Wetering has been working on a series of special works of art with Flamingos as a theme. This is the first Flamingo painting.

A large interior shop in the Netherlands has had this painting made into an impressive meter-high net curtain and taken it up for sale. A collector's item that sold out quickly.

The painting is built up in several layers and has a grainy rough structure, which gives it a special appearance.

2001_Flamingo Zeelandeae1_Olieverf_50x70

50 x 70 cm

Oil on canvas

Private collection

Flamingo Zeelandeae

Painted on board and translated into vertical image and color elements.

2003_Flamingo Panoramique_Acryl_210x83.j

210 x 83 cm

Acrylic on board

Flamingo Panoramique

A monumental painting with fantasy Flamingos in a panoramic overview, situated in the Dutch landscape.

2002_Flamingo Zeelandeae2_Acryl_80x100_W

A special painting painted with a palette knife. Constructed from fantasy shapes with a rough structure in several layers.

2003_The Flamingo's_Acryl_70x70_WIX.jpg

70 x 70 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Private collection

The Flamingo's

A Flamingo couple from the It's Flamingo Time series.

60 x 50 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Menacing Flamingo 

Two rival Flamingos, painted with acrylic paint and sand, with a special structure.



Kees van de Wetering's paintings arise from the idea of ​​translating the subject into areas of image and color.
By sketching in advance with pencil and colored pencil, the image is created, which is characterized by

forms that playfully stagger and complement each other.

A large number of works from drawing to watercolor and then paintings with acrylic paint are created

in a fluid movement.

Kees van de Wetering creates his own color palette from the primary colors.



Translating the subject into various techniques, from sketch to watercolor to an acrylic painting, provides excellent opportunities to explore and improve shapes and colors.

This watercolor served as the basis for the large acrylic painting Flamingo Family.


Flamingo family 

A beautiful light watercolor with almost pastel shades made up of graceful fragmatic shapes. With the complementary colors red and green.

48 x 34 cm



A fresco mural commissioned in Switzerland, was the reason for these large canvases with Flamingos as the subject.

Painted in one layer with very thin acrylic paint and fine brushstrokes, resulting in monumental paintings with a beautiful contrast between light and dark.

Nesting Flamingo's

Two beautiful Flamingos on a nest in the spring.


100 x 100 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Flamingo Family

A Flamingo family in Blue and Red together.


100 x 100 cm

Acrylic on canvas


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